Our Favourite Developer Resources

Check out this growing list of resources for web designers and front end developers.

WP Reset

WP Reset takes the pain out of debugging & developing themes and plugins by resetting & restoring WP installations.

Create A Sitemap

Slickplan allows you to brand your sitemaps and share them with your clients to help win business, educate clients on strategies, and formalize action plans.

CSS Mobile Menu Examples You Should Check Out

The team at team at wpDataTables will show you some great examples of different CSS mobile menu ideas that you can try on your own website or app.

CSS, HTML, JSON Code Library

The Ultimate Web Code Generator has a large collection of ready-made code snippets for you to use on your project.

How Wordpress Changed The Internet

The team at BroadbandSearch examine how WordPress has changed the internet including a great list of Wordpress facts.

The Browser for Developers and Designers

Sizzy makes your life easier and instantly preview your website across multiple devices.

All Design Conferences

A place to find UX, tech, and creative events around the world.

SimpliLearn Online Training

Check out their Full Stack Developer Master's Program.