Pt to Px Converter

Simple CSS Units is a free tool for Web Designers & Front End Developers to simplify the process of converting CSS units. Simply enter your units in the fields below and watch your unit get converted in realtime, eg Points to Pixels.


Font Size Converter - Pt to Px, EMS and Percentage Chart

Want to download a copy of our font size conversion table? Open this shared Google Sheet.
Px Points EMS Percentage
12px 9pt 0.75em 75%
13px 10pt 0.81em 81%
14px 11pt 0.88em 88%
15px 11pt 0.94em 94%
16px 12pt 1em 100%
17px 13pt 1.06em 106%
18px 14pt 1.13em 113%
19px 14pt 1.19em 119%
20px 15pt 1.25em 125%
21px 16pt 1.31em 131%
22px 17pt 1.38em 138%
23px 17pt 1.44em 144%
24px 18pt 1.5em 150%
25px 19pt 1.56em 156%
26px 20pt 1.63em 163%
27px 20pt 1.69em 169%
28px 21pt 1.75em 175%
29px 22pt 1.81em 181%
30px 23pt 1.88em 188%
31px 23pt 1.94em 194%
32px 24pt 2em 200%
33px 25pt 2.06em 206%
34px 26pt 2.13em 213%
35px 26pt 2.19em 219%
36px 27pt 2.25em 225%
37px 28pt 2.31em 231%
38px 29pt 2.38em 238%
39px 29pt 2.44em 244%
40px 30pt 2.50em 250%
41px 31pt 2.56em 256%
42px 32pt 2.63em 263%
43px 32pt 2.69em 269%
44px 33pt 2.75em 275%
45px 34pt 2.81em 281%
46px 35pt 2.88em 288%
47px 35pt 2.94em 294%
48px 36pt 3em 300%


Is PT and PX the same?

No. Points are traditionally used in print media while Pixels used in screen media. Both are fixed-sized units however with a pixel equal to one dot on your screen and a point equal to 1/72 of an inch.

How many PX is a PT?

One point is the equivalent of 1.333(3) pixels. On the other hand, one pixel is the equivalent of 0.75 points.

Should I use PT or PX?

In many instances it won't matter which unit you use. However you may want to steer away from the absolute units like pt and px and use em and percentage instead.

Does Figma use PT or PX?

Well they do both actually. If you're translating your design to code they'll display size in pixels but if you export to PDF they'll use points. Read more...

Does Photoshop use PT or PX?

They use points by default but you can change it to pixels.