Pt to Px Converter

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Font Size Converter - Pt to Px, EMS and Percentage Chart

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Px Points EMS Percentage
12px 9pt 0.75em 75%
13px 10pt 0.81em 81%
14px 11pt 0.88em 88%
15px 11pt 0.94em 94%
16px 12pt 1em 100%
17px 13pt 1.06em 106%
18px 14pt 1.13em 113%
19px 14pt 1.19em 119%
20px 15pt 1.25em 125%
21px 16pt 1.31em 131%
22px 17pt 1.38em 138%
23px 17pt 1.44em 144%
24px 18pt 1.5em 150%
25px 19pt 1.56em 156%
26px 20pt 1.63em 163%
27px 20pt 1.69em 169%
28px 21pt 1.75em 175%
29px 22pt 1.81em 181%
30px 23pt 1.88em 188%
31px 23pt 1.94em 194%
32px 24pt 2em 200%
33px 25pt 2.06em 206%
34px 26pt 2.13em 213%
35px 26pt 2.19em 219%
36px 27pt 2.25em 225%
37px 28pt 2.31em 231%
38px 29pt 2.38em 238%
39px 29pt 2.44em 244%
40px 30pt 2.50em 250%
41px 31pt 2.56em 256%
42px 32pt 2.63em 263%
43px 32pt 2.69em 269%
44px 33pt 2.75em 275%
45px 34pt 2.81em 281%
46px 35pt 2.88em 288%
47px 35pt 2.94em 294%
48px 36pt 3em 300%