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The WordPress CMS from a developers perspective

As someone who has used Wordpress on and off for a few years I have noticed it get both praised and crucified across various online opinion platforms. From the developers side they refer to it as a toy or dumbed down version of creating websites from scratch and all...

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The UX of a Spoon

There's UX in everything User Experience (UX) is a term that's most commonly used in reference to websites/apps. However everything you interact with on some level provides you with an experience, a 'user' experience, and the hope is that these experiences are good....

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Why I suck at CSS

Confessions of a back end developer What happened to my login form? I call myself a developer. Sometimes a back end developer, sometimes a full stack developer but really I'm a back end developer. I can't really call myself a full stack developer because I suck at...

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