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CSS History, A Brief Overview

We live in a world that’s OTT with acronyms and, unless you happen to possess an amazing memory, it’s unlikely you can remember them all. The technology sector is particularly rife with acronyms a-plenty, including today’s topic, CSS. What is CSS and what does it...

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Gulp vs Grunt

When creating websites or web apps there is a huge amount of back and forth between your code editor and the browser. There are an awful lot of actions you do that are repetitive. Gulp and Grunt help automate these actions to make the development process easier. It is...

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CSS Web safe fonts

These days you are spoiled for choice when it comes to fonts choice. There is a font for every occasion...that suites every site and coveys the right message. The general rule is that typeface form should reflect content. Services like Google web fonts give you...

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Typography Crash Course

  Typography is an element of web design that is often misunderstood by Software Engineers. I think most people think of useful typography in terms of how legible it is. This is an important part obviously since you're...

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A 2-Minute Introduction To CSS Animations

  CSS3 animations let you change an element gradually from one style to another. To do this you must use the keyword ‘@keyframes’ Example: There is a <h1> tag. Within 5 seconds the colour of the <h1>’s text will change from blue to green:   /*...

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HTML5 – Top 5 Changes since the Last Version

HTML is a markup language which we use to build and structure a webpage. This creates a static webpage and therefore we need to use links to other scripts such as CSS and Javascript to add presentation and additional dynamic elements. HTML has since been updated and...

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Beginners guide to remote debugging Android devices

TL;DR Enable USB Debugging on your Android mobile device and open Chrome. Connect your mobile device to your desktop and open Chrome on your desktop. Inspect element in Chrome and open remote devices window. Click open tab and start debugging. Context Your overweight,...

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Importing libraries using a CDN vs locally

CDN stands for content delivery network and is a popular way of importing libraries such as jQuery, Bootstrap, Fontawesome and many others. A lot of people believe that using a CDN always gives you the latest version of something...

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